Monday, 19 August 2013

About ShawtyRP

Shawty RP is a 21 year old upcoming Female Rapper from East London. She has been working on perfecting her craft for the last 3 years and is ready to take her music to greater heights. Shawty has 3 mixtape which will be released soon and she is also currently working on her Album which will be released in 2014, She has leaked the name of the Album which is ''Exit The Ghetto''. The RP at the end of Shawty's name stands for Raw Perfection which is her foundation and what she represents. Her music speaks for itself and will show the difference from her mixtapes and her Album which is evident that she has turned her Raw Talent into Perfection by working on her craft over the years and showing the transformation through her music in stages. ShawtyRP also has a great eye for fashion and represents everything about her in her look. She describes her look as Raw, Sexy and Ghetto. She loves to stand out and does not like to fit in a crowd. Just like her real name (Markener) she sees herself as unique, one of a kind and unusual.

To hear music from ShawtyRP check out; or Youtube - Shawtyrp

Twitter - @shawtyrp

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